[La Maison-Robichaud]

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Bourque, Rodolphe, "Social and Architectural Aspects of the Acadians in New Brunswick", Historical Resources Administration, Fredericton, 1971, pp. 106-109.

Copie consultée : Centre d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton.

Neguac, Northumberland Co. The Robichaud dwelling built "en pile" from the lumber of an old Acadian chapel nearby.

Azade Godin owns an old home in Neguac which, according to the history of "Les Robichaud", was sold by a "gascon" pioneer, Pierre Laubert, (88) to Otto Robichaud. It is also possible that this house and barn were afterward owned by Otto Robichaudís son Louis, who was married in 1818. (89) At a later date, one of the Robichauds who owned it was a judge. No documents are known to exist which could give us the exact date these buildings were erected.

According to the Robichaud family tradition, this homestead "en pile" or "en palissade" would have been constructed of lumber which had previously been used to erect an Acadian chapel which had at one time stood near the shore. The house and barn were built of the same upright, large, thick, half-rounded, heavy slabs, pit-sawn on one side and hand-hewn on the other. These crude slabs were tongued at one end only so as to fit into a large groove in the roof plate. The slabs were numbered in Arabic numerals (12, 13, 18, ...), one was numbered in Roman numerals (III).

A piece of lumber from the old Acadian chapel.

The cellar has double stone walls made of large rectangular sandstone faced inside. It would appear that these large finely cut stones might have been used to form walls under a larger building. The frost proof cellar with double stone walls built by the Acadians in Westmorland County had an air space set between the double walls. The Robichaudís cellar does not have any.

One of the rooms still contains old furniture. It could have been a parlour. There is an interesting built-in bookcase filled with old books and papers. The interior walls and ceilings of this room were finished with vertical beaded boards trimmed at the top with wooden mouldings. Strips of moulding and baseboard were added here, finely finishing the lower part of the walls.

Azade Godin Neguac, N.-B. c. 1820-1840 First floor

The house has been altered and a large kitchen and shed added to it. Partitions were changed, some were added. The first floor once comprised the large traditional kitchen with its two adjoining bedrooms. A modern sliding sash has been built at approximately the same place where a fireplace once stood. Originally the old house had a pegged floor.

The Robichaudís old home is in good condition. It has had many alterations and additions. This type of dwelling is rare in the province and should be saved.

[Références dans le texte : En raison d'une numérotation fautive l'auteur aurait du inscrire (90) et (91) au lieu de (88) et (89)]

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